Nowadays, with the very many diseases and disorders arising from the consumable products in the market, many people are resorting to eating healthy natural food as opposed to the tempting processed grabs and snacks. More often than not, the term superfood is usually confused by most people.


Nowadays, with the very many diseases and disorders arising from the consumable products in the market, many people are resorting to eating healthy natural food as opposed to the tempting processed grabs and snacks. More often than not, the term superfood is usually confused by most people.

What are Superfoods?

superfoodsSuperfoods are the type of foods that have very high nutrients – hence are healthy foods with many benefits to one’s body. Fruits, vegetables and nuts are the most common superfoods known because of their unique property of antioxidants that are very helpful in removing toxic substances in the body.

The term superfood is a marketing term used by businesses and food companies to promote this very special, highly nutritive additive foods.

Some of the most prevalent in the 21st century are listed below. With their numerous health benefits and features, they are highly recommended by nutritionists all over the world. Spoil yourself with these superfoods that will boost your health and make you look and feel amazing.

Types of Superfoods

Sardines, blueberries and spinach or kales

These labelled superfoods have high content of minerals and vitamins and are rich source of antioxidants which is just what your body needs. With the increasing rates of cancer among the population all over the world in the recent past, all necessary measures should be taken to fight these diseases.

The antioxidants are necessary to prevent cancerous cells as they are known to prevent cell damage.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is also another top list of the well-known superfoods. With its key component known as Flavonoids, this superfood is known to improve circulation of the blood to the brain and heart and also it lowers blood pressure keeping it at the optimum levels.

This food is recommended by dieticians because of its amazingly low calorie content and will make a good diet for people with high blood pressure and heart ailments. Be careful when buying the cocoa powder from the retail shops and supermarkets. Always check the ingredients added so that you avoid buying over processed cocoa which might lack the antioxidants.


These are the vegetables that grow naturally in the sea and are loaded with vital minerals and omega 3 fatty acids. The common minerals present in the seaweeds include calcium and magnesium which are necessary for strong healthy bones and teeth and other present minerals including potassium, iodide, zinc and iron which is good for the blood.

Not so many people are enthusiastic about having the seaweeds in their diet, especially kids, and the best way to include it will be taking it as sushi or including in the lunchtime snacks that includes sliced well cooked vegetables and brown rice. This will be a mouthwatering delicious meal that will have everyone in the family coming back for more.

Nutritional yeast

Another great superfood is the nutritional yeast. It contains no leavened powder which is not a very good ingredient as it is known to be the major cause of weak bones. It can be taken by all people including vegetarians and is among the richest sources of vitamin B12.

Other sources of vitamin B12 include meat and dairy products which are definitely not the healthiest and best options. This vital vitamin is required for brain development especially in children and also good for the nervous system.

This superfood also has protein and fiber and it is a pack of nutrients and vitamins, all in one. The best way to take it would be to sprinkle it on your popcorns, pasta or fries to give it a spicy taste.

Black garlic

The black garlic is a healthy spice that is made by fermenting the normal garlic in extreme conditions of moisture and heat. With its delicious mellow flavor, it is of great use in making toppings for meals, sauces and dips. This superfood is very common in Asia but has found its way in the Western markets.


They are one of the healthiest sources of plant proteins available and thus can be taken by the vegetarians too. They are a rich source of fiber and vitamins such as potassium and magnesium which are good for your heart, brain and vessels.

This vitamin lowers your risks of developing high blood pressure. For those wanting to maintain their slim look, beans are very low on fat and very rich in fiber which makes you feel full for a long period of time. They are also very pocket friendly as they are the cheapest source of proteins in the market. They are commonly used in stews, salads and soups.

Egg whites

This delicious finger licking superfood is easy to make. They are mostly boiled and used in salads, baked foods and as a base in vegetable omelet. So, what is the nutritive benefits of the meal?

They are good sources of proteins and have a low fat content plus low calorie content hence no worries of getting fat or vigorous work outs to burn the excess calories. They are a must for a heavy breakfast as they will keep you satisfied the whole day in your vigorous daily activities.

They are also rich in calcium to help you maintain strong bones, nails and healthy hair.


Another great superfood are oats, famously known for their high fiber content, mostly recommended by dieticians to those wishing to shed off some extra pounds. This whole grain meal is mostly used for breakfast and can also be used for snacking.

Other benefits you get from eating this meal is that it lowers your cholesterol levels reducing risks of developing heart diseases or stroke. It also keeps blood sugar levels in the optimum range. They can be taken along with berries and nuts topped up with milk and sugar to give you a delicious healthy meal they will make your kids craving for more.

We can’t completely exhaust the list of these superfoods but other common known superfoods include chilies and peppers, nuts, pumpkin, dark chocolate, all fruits and vegetables, brown rice, baked potatoes, milk, yoghurt, mushrooms, just to mention a few.

What does one benefit from these foods? For those struggling with weight issues and obesity, taking superfoods has been proven to help you grow thinner and taking it might just be the step you need to start the journey to the gorgeous body you have always dreamt of.

Eating them also helps you to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as the highly dreaded cancer hence you will prolong your life and be healthier. For ladies, you need not struggle with belly fat any longer! These superfoods will help you achieve your goals within the shortest time possible. Try them today and experience the change.