The Rob Keller MD Affiliate Program


The Rob Keller MD Affiliate Program — named for its eponymous founder, the creator of the Original Glutathione Formula, is also one of the most prosperous affiliate programs on the internet today. Affiliate marketing, as we should mention in passing, is a type of performance marketing arrangement whereby a business rewards those who sign up therewith — called affiliates — by paying them for every new customer who comes to their website as a result of their efforts.

Commission structure

The commission structure of the Rob Keller MD affiliate program is as follows: – All Commissions are Residual – that is, you get paid EVERY TIME an order is made!

  • 20 % for direct referral commissions (1st Tier)
  • 10 % for commissions from the direct referrals of customers (2nd Tier)
  • 7 % for referrals on the customers of the affiliate’s customers (3rd Tier)

Note: the 2nd & 3rd Tiers open up after the first 5 sales.

These commissions continue to be paid for as long as customers of that affiliate continue to place orders at the business, and in general, they do so long after the original sale has been made thanks to high customer loyalty at the Rob Keller MD affiliate program. By signing up with the program, an affiliate has the potential to earn a commission of $500 within six months.


Products of Rob Keller MD

Rob Keller MD sells five products:

(1) Original Glutathione Formula (OGF) — for increasing vitality, health and wellness. Glutathione is the most important antioxidant produced by the body, preventing heavy metals and free radicals from damaging the cellular components. It is biosynthesized by the human body and has other functions as well, such as the metabolism of iron, the repair and synthesis of DNA and regulation of the nitric oxide cycle.

(2) Glutathione Rapid Boost™ (GRB) — energy, focus, immunity. This super new antioxidant comes in the form of a drink that you can use to give yourself that extra boost of glutathione that you need while on the go. It increases your energy, stamina and levels of concentration and focus, helps the muscles recover from the effects of workouts more quickly, enables you to endure occupations that are mentally and/or physically challenging, and boosts your immunity.

(3) Natural Allergy Relief™ (NAR) — “a natural, non-drowsy way to moderate your allergy symptoms.” Traditionally, those who design allergy medicines have sought to relieve the symptoms, but NAR aims directly towards the root of the problem. It consists of traditional Chinese herbal remedies that work together to decrease the protein that causes allergies, which is called IgE, and increase the patient’s ability to resist them. Eczema and dry itching skin are among the symptoms relieved by this non-drowsy medication, which also soothes gastrointestinal problems.

(4) G.I. Balance ™ (GIB) — improves digestive health and strengthens the immune system with a unique combination of three good probiotics that help absorb important vitamins and nutrients and reduces digestive irritation

(5) Advanced Immune Defense™ (AID) — contains numerous vitamins and minerals plus phytonutrients, such as are difficult to obtain from what we eat and drink; serves as an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system.

Such are the five medications that Rob Keller MD sells individually. They are also available in three combinations of two (OGF plus AID, GIB or GRB) and two combinations of three (OGF, AID and either GIB or GRB).

Affiliate codes

When you sign up as an affiliate and subsequently enroll in the company’s auto-ship program, you will be given your own unique affiliate code, consisting of the company name (RKMD) plus five digits separated with a hyphen. Once you have been approved as an affiliate, the code will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Buyers who use that affiliate code are automatically linked to that particular person for all commissions they entail in the future. RKMD has a fifty-percent-off special for new customers which can be used only once by each household.

Promotional Tools

All affiliates will receive their own unique affiliate link and are provided with a links and banners that can be used specifically for their program.

How you get paid

Signing up for the Rob Keller MD affiliate program is free, and you provide — in addition to contact information — and your primary marketing strategy (email, blog, social media, word of mouth etc). The Rob Keller MD Affiliate Program utilises 2 professional affilaite software programs: