Original Glutathione Formula

The Original Glutathione Formula is a powerful antioxidant that can boost your energy levels by increasing the levels of Glutathione in your body.

This breakthrough product helps your body to increase its own production of glutathione, and the increased levels of this antioxidant in your body helps reduce the number of free radicals.

This then leads to a wide range of health benefits including an enhanced immune system and improved function of your internal organs.
Original Glutathione Formula
People who take this supplement find that they have more energy and increased endurance, and a reduction in any muscle pain that they commonly feel.

It can also improve the appearance of the skin and slow down the aging process.

What is The Original Glutathione Formula?

OGF™ has been available since 1996. The process that differentiates this breakthrough product from so many Glutathione supplements on the market is that it treats the digestive system as a buddy, not as a huge hurdle to get past.

Instead of trying to find a way to keep pure Glutathione intact through the digestive cycle, OGF™ was formulated with the full recognition of the nature and environment of the digestive tract.

OGF™ is designed to be broken down by the digestion process. When the breakdown process is complete, what emerges into the blood stream are all the nutrients necessary for your body to generate Glutathione efficiently and consistently.

That’s right.

OGF is different from other Glutathione Supplements in that it does not contain any glutathione. Dr. Robert Keller devised a formula that contains the Glutathione precursors that your body needs to produce it’s own glutathione. His formula works.

Other components of OGF™ support enhanced absorption and recycling of the nutrients that are critical to your body’s natural capacity to generate glutathione.

Dr-Robert-H-Keller-MDThe RobKellerMD Company is dedicated to continuing Dr. Keller’s pursuit of optimizing immunity and health.

Today the RobKellerMD team, including two of his daughters, distributes RobKellerMD OGF products based on the platforms developed by Dr. Keller maintaining the high quality he insisted on at very affordable pricing.

Kellers Formula are one the many affiliates working directly with the RobKellerMD company, because we believe in his research and have experienced the benefits of OGF for over the last 7 years.

Kellers Formula have customers in 26 countries, including Australia, NZ, Asia and USA.

This is the factual history of how Dr. Keller’s Glutathione technology came to fruition and why we call it the Original Glutathione Formula™.

During his time, he came up with his special formula. This formula is made of 100% natural supplements that aim at boosting glutathione levels in the body.

It is worth noting that this supplement doesn’t contain glutathione in itself, but rather it’s precursors as ingesting glutathione directly has been proven to be very ineffective.

Benefits of OGF

Increase EnergySome of the antioxidants that you find in the market take care of oxygen burning, other products will take care of the nitrogen burning, and some take care of hydroxyl burning, making them all different radicals.

However, when it comes to this Supplement, which increases your glutathione levels, it takes care of everything. As a result, let us look at the benefits his formula can offer you.

It will enhance your Immune system

Glutathione is the primary antioxidant, and it can be found in various elevated concentrations in your body when in your 20’s. As you continue to age, these natural levels tend to decrease.

Accordingly, it will increase your body’s natural production of the glutathione molecule, which then strengthens your body’s mechanisms in immune function and detoxifying.

It increases endurance and energy levels in the body

The loss of stamina and energy, which is at times related to age, can be brought about because of a poor nutrition plan, high levels of stress both emotional and physical, not sleeping well, also having depleted levels of glutathione in your body.

The formula can increase the efficiency of your cells. The more efficient the cells in your body, the more energy or ATP also referred to as Adenosine-Triphosphate, are produced in your body.

The more ATP is produced in your body, the more energy you will have available to do your daily tasks. Taking 6 Capsules in the morning of the OGF will help in restoring a normal healthy level of glutathione in your body.

Note: 6 Capsules is based on an average 150 pound person. Adjust accordingly for your own weight. Thus, you will be able to play and work at full capacity.

Improves the function of your internal organs

As we have come to know, glutathione is present in every cell in your body, and in some internal organs, they have elevated levels. The molecule is the bodies primary detoxifier and antioxidant that is capable of doing the job perfectly.

Additionally, glutathione is the only antioxidant when used which does not turn into a free radical.

It enhances the brain function

It is also necessary for the peak function and overall health of your brain; this is including the mental acuity and memory. Your mind tends to produce more calories per ounce than any other organ that is present in your body.

As a result, your brain is also responsible for the high levels of free radicals forming in your body. For your brain to be able to function at its optimum level, you will need to have adequate levels of glutathione, to quench and eliminate the free radicals that are formed as quickly as possible.

The Master Antioxidant

These days antioxidants are being considered the most helpful agents in preventing diseases and regaining vitality in the human body. Antioxidants prevent cell damage by interacting with the free radicals which cause oxidative stress.

Free radicals can also damage vital cellular parts like the cell membrane and the DNA.

OGF Ingredients

The supplement includes a number of ingredients which are meant to achieve a specific purpose in the body. The following is a list of ingredients contained in this natural formula:

(a) N Acetyl cysteine (b) Vitamin C (c) D-glucosamine (d) N Acetyl (e) Milk thistle extract (f) Cordyceps (g) Alpha lipoic acid (h) Quercetin (i) Conjugated linoleir acid

However, it should be noted that this formula is quite different from Glutathione supplements which are taken orally. When taken orally, the different elements are broken down during digestion, and this has been the subject of study for many years.

As a result, the team behind Dr. Keller’s formula have been able to blend the correct proportions of compounds, thus enabling the entire formula to:

  1. Make use of the digestive system as a tool and not as an impediment.
  2. Easily get absorbed since not everything that is consumed through the mouth will enter the body tissues.
  3. Have the capability of all ingredients penetrating through two membranes. The first membrane is found on the entrance of the cell. The second one leads to that funnel situated inside cells known as mitochondria. Mitochondria generate energy for the cells, and this explains why Dr. Keller’s Formula is associated with boosting energy levels.
  4. Possess the ability of making the liver recycle the remaining glutathione after it has been used by the body. This step is extremely crucial because it eliminates all the by-products which are as a result of the ATP production taking place within the mitochondria.


Generally, it has been observed that most people who take Dr. Keller’s special formula for three months experience some change in their body.

Some people will feel results faster than others, and that’s because everyone is different.

Some users have been reported to feel the change in their mental clarity just hours after taking the formula. Others begin feeling the boosted energy levels right after 3 months. Other benefits follow them with continual use.

This formula is said to be free from certain elements that can harm the body. These include sugar, soy, gluten, starch, yeast and preservatives.

2-Large-Glutathione-BottlesHere’s a description of some compounds that make up Dr. Keller’s formula.

Alpha lipoic Acid 75mg

ALA is considered a universal antioxidant, plus the body needs it for the production of energy. It plays a crucial role, particularly in the energy-producing cell called mitochondria.

It is said that the body synthesizes enough of ALA for basic metabolic functions. However, ALA only works as an antioxidant when it exists in excess, and that’s a condition.

Apparently, there’s very little ALA circulating in the body at any given time. Unless you use a supplement, it’s going to be very difficult keeping ALA at optimal levels.

 ALA is said to be a versatile antioxidant. It damages any free radical which threatens to destroy or maim cells in the body.

It also protects mitochondria from the effects of aging, while making sure that genetic material, DNA is preserved.

Conjugated linoleic acid 100mg

This special type of fatty acid occurs naturally in the body. It is said to be a potent cancer fighter. Studies have also shown how it blocks the 3 stages of cancer from progressing, namely initiation, promotion, and metastasis.

Many anti-cancer agents only block one stage, and this is why Conjugated linoleic acid is important.

Milk Thistle extract

The Romans used Milk Thistle extract to naturally fight ailments related to the liver. Then in the 19th and 20th centuries, doctors in the U.S used it to relieve liver, kidney and spleen congestion.

Any potential liver problems caused by alcohol, virus or certain drugs can be brought to a halt using Milk Thistle extract.

Most of the compounds found in the Original Glutathione Formula are synthesized by the body.

But the problem is that our bodies tend to produce them in very small amounts, and this leaves us more vulnerable, especially if you take the effects of smoke and other environmental pollutants into account.

Suggested Use

OGF supports the natural production of Glutathione by the body to reinforce the central mechanisms of detoxification and immune functions.

It enhances the Immune System, Slows down the aging process, Increases energy and endurance, Improves Internal Organ Function, Promotes Healthy skin, Relieves chronic soreness and muscle aches, and enhances brain activity.

This breakthough glutathione supplement patented by Dr Robert Keller was awarded one of the only 16 Composition patents as of 2009.

Meaning, no one is allowed to change even one ingredient to duplicate the product.

This also means that the United States Patent Office recognizes the product to be completely safe, and certifies ALL the claims in its doses to be true.

Dr. Robert Keller created his formula through the course of ten years and 20 supplement prototypes.

For every prototype, Dr. Robert Keller made sure that he was always the first test subject or ‘guinea pig’. This was to ensure that the product was truly of quality and to prevent risking the health of his patients.

Dr. Keller passed away on June 5, 2009 at the age of 66. But the medical world will never forget him for his revolutionary contribution.


He introduced his patented formula, which helps the body generate Glutathione on its own. Dr. Robert H. Keller MD, observed that most of the patients he was treating all had one thing in common.

They all suffered from antioxidant deficiency. Given this, he immersed himself in the in-depth research of antioxidants, and found out that the most potent one, is Glutathione, thus leading to the creation of OGF.

Although there are a lot of supplements available on the market, none of them have the capacity to make it through the digestive system intact, as they were broken down into other substances by gastric acids -this was the main problem faced by Dr. Keller.

So instead of finding a way to get glutathione through the digestive system intact, Dr. Robert Keller formulated OGF with the full recognition of the digestive tract.

Once taken in, it is broken down by the digestive tract into substances that emerge into the bloodstream, as the nutrients necessary for the efficient production of glutathione by the body.

In order to live longer and feel better, people need to supplement it when needed, eat properly, exercise daily, and avoid the poisons that invade our households.

OGF Dietary Supplementation

Contains 180 Capsules. Suggested Use: Take 6 Capsules in tha AM as a dietary supplement to support your body’s own production and recycling of Glutathione. *You can still take 3 after breakfast in the morning and 3 after lunch.

* OGF™ functions both as an antitoxin for your body; boosting the immune system, promoting anti-aging and improveing cellular function.

* OGF™ now has 500 mg of Vitamin C–a powerful synergistic antioxidant in it’s own right, the formula is based on L Glutamin 1,500mg, N-Acetyl Cysteine(NAC) 750mg and Alpha Lipoic Acid(ALA)150mg.

Over 200 million capsules of this exact formula have already been sold and it’s now possible to buy this outstanding product anywhere in the world for a one time price of $49.95 for a one month supply. Or $39.95 on a monthly or quarterly autoship program.

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Original Glutathione Formula
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