We all know that our body needs different types of Amino Acids that help us to keep healthy, the L-glutamine amino acid is one of these. This kind of amino acid can be found all the way through our body and specifically, our skeletal muscle which is 65% glutamine.

L-GlutamineThere are an abundance of foods that contain L-glutamine, and some dietary supplements possess this. L-glutamine amino acid to help eliminate a vast amount of fats in your body, and aside from that, it also supports the growth of the new muscles inside our bodies

The L-glutamine is a type of amino acid that plays a crucial role in proteins and it said to be the anti-catabolism that prevents your muscles from breaking down. It is also known as an excellent treatment for other health problems.

It is also one of the most essential amino acids for the immune systems assisting it to function properly.
L-glutamine is a type of amino acid that plays a crucial role when it comes to the brain and digestive functions.

Role of L-Glutamine

• The L-glutamine plays a vital role when it comes to biochemical functions.
• Compared to the other twenty amino acids, it plays a crucial role in protein metabolism.
• It produces ammonium that helps to maintain the acid balance regularly.
• The second most significant source of cellular energy behind glucose.
• Distributes nitrogen for multiple anabolic processes, and the purines synthesis is involved.
• A good source of carbon as it refills the cycle of Citric Acid.
• A good transporter of ammonia to the blood circulation.

Glutamine Consumers

The cells of intestines are one of the most eager cells to consume glutamine. The kidney cells also consume a lot of  glutamine as it helps to balance the acid-base very well and activate immune cells as well as multiple cancer cells.

Medical Use of Glutamine

In the catabolic chaos of injury and sickness, glutamine is said to be very essential demanding the patients to take food that is rich in glutamine, or even supplements.
In reversing the muscles that have been wasted, the glutamine is one of the constituents in oral supplementation for people with primary cancer, and even for people who suffers HIV or AIDS.

Using glutamine for oral supplementation can minimise the risk of infection for critically ill and people who undergo abdominal surgery. The rate of people with infections has decreased because glutamine improves the function of the intestinal barrier.

Glutamine Nutrition

Glutamine is known as the only amino acid that can go throughout the blood-brain barrier since it is a nonessential amino acid in the human body. It is usually found in the blood circulation, and it is also stored in the skeletal muscles.

Dietary sources

Foods like beef, chicken, fish, milk, dairy product, eggs, etc. are excellent dietary source of L-glutamine. Vegetable juice can also produce small amounts of L-glutamine, unlike the foods that are being mentioned.

Good Sources of L-Glutamine

The following foods below are the real source of L-glutamine.

  • Barley
  • Cabbage
  • Beef
  • Corn
  • Egg
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Peanuts
  • Yogurt

The Health benefits of Glutamine

There is only limited research regarding the health effects of taking L-glutamine supplements, however the studies produced show that there are health benefits that are good for our body. Take time to read the following contents below.

1. Olympic Performance

One of the beneficiaries of L-glutamine supplement are athletes. According to the Journal of Nutrition in  2008, athletes who happen to take L-glutamine minimise there changes of injury caused by the training that might affect their immune system. Today, many clinical experiments have witnessed the effect of L-glutamine supplements on the performance of the athletes.

Uses of L-Glutamine

Aside from helping the development of training performance, L-glutamine can also help with other health conditions such as:
•    Unease or Anxiety
•    Chronic Inflammation Disease
•    Stress and Depression
•    Sleep Disorder
•    Colitis Gravis
Lastly, L-glutamine also helps to prevent the side effects that you might get from certain medication such as chemotherapy. It is also helpful for restoring the health of people who go through traumatic injuries or surgery.