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Dr-Robert-H-Keller-MDDr. Robert H. Keller MD was born in Brooklyn New York, on October 3, 1942, he later moved to Florida. In 1966, he graduated his Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Master of Science in Biology at Fordham University, Bronx, New York.

He pursued Doctor of Medicine in Temple University Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in 1970, graduated with honors.

Dr. Keller has published more than 100 articles in different publications and magazines, and has been awarded with patents for Allerg-ease, All immune, and a treatment for chronic viral infections.

He is responsible for the founding of Medicine KBK Institute of Advanced Medicine in Hollywood Florida, Phoenix BioSciences, and Vitimmune, Inc Hollywood, Florida.

Dr. Robert H. Kellers primary ambition was to improve the quality of life for as many people as he can. In the progress of his career, he observed that most of his patients who were battling life threatening diseases were suffering from antioxidant deficiency.

He began researching antioxidants in depth and found the most potent one, to be Glutathione. He set himself to the task of creating a nutritional product with the ability to increase glutathione levels in the body. And after several years of work, and 20 supplement prototypes,

Dr. Keller finally reached the formula that satisfied him. Commonly known as the Original Glutathione Formula and patented as “OGF”. The Unites States Patent office awarded Robert H. Keller MD.

A Composition patent with the number 6,262,019 for his breakthrough product-this meant that the product is completely safe and is capable of accomplishing everything promised on the packaging and label.

That was only the 16th time that a Composition Patent was issued for a nutritional substance via network marketing. Currently, there are no competitors or similar products that can mimic or even match the Original Glutathione Formula.

Dr Robert Keller and Glutathione

His research lead him to focus on glutathione (GSH), which is your body’s Gate Keeper antioxidant or commonly referred to as your bodies “Master Antioxidant“. He started researching glutathione in the early 1990’s. Uncovering only a handful of published studies.

This looked like the answer. He initially found that previous research showed that taking Glutathione orally did not increase the levels of Glutathione in his patients.

However, he was definitely on the right track because, to date there are more than 109,790 published articles and growing on

Dr Keller new that he could help his patients if he could figure out a way to significantly increase the Glutathione levels.

In 1997 he developed a formulation to begin testing and in the process of his research, developed a lab test so he could actually see and prove that Glutathione levels were increasing in his patients quite significantly.

He presented the test at the 1998 Conference on the Laboratory science of HIV.

After witnessing the positive impact on his patients over several years, Dr Keller wanted to make OGF available to as many people as possible and on December 23, 2010, by mutual agreement, the license agreement between several other companies became non-exclusive and now Dr Keller’s ⇒ OGF™ brand can be purchased direct.

Dr Robert H Keller tested many, many formulations until he was totally satisfied that his GSH technology did in fact significantly increase (GSH) levels in his patients. Thus on the July 17, 2001, a patent application was filed for this technology.

Glutathione is naturally produced in our bodies – in fact it is in every single cell. Rob Keller found a way to replenish the decreasing levels of Glutathione in the body and was granted a compositional patent.

That is, the ingredients are not allowed to be changed. This was only the 16th time in US history that a compositional patent was granted for a nutritional substance. This was a major breakthrough and was duely recognized.

A United States patent was granted to Robert H Keller MD for the Method of treatment of GSH deficient mammals.

So why is Dr Keller’s research of (GSH) so important and what makes it so life changing to so many people? Firstly, Original Glutathione Formula or OGF™ does not contain GSH – “which breaks down during the digestive process, but contains ingredients that stimulate the production of GSH.”

The Original Glutathione Formula contains the precursors which ultimately increase the bodies level of glutathione.

Dr Keller suffered from a rare, but very serious disease called Primary Amyloidosis- a condition where an abnormal protein called ‘amyloid’ builds up in the organs (only 2,000 people in the US have it). There is no known cause or treatment for this disease, this resulted to complications in his kidney which later led to complete kidney failure and eventually led to his death.

Dr. Robert Keller died at the age of 66 on June 5, 2009.

The Academic Years of Dr. Robert H Keller MD

Throughout his career which spanned 43 years, he remained unsatisfied with the status quo of mainline medical treatments and strived for more effective forms of treatment so patients could not only be treated for their symptoms, but through a holistic approach.

For most people, achieving a doctorate with honors would be an ultimate goal. Though Dr. Robert Keller achieved this high educational honor, he refused to stop there.

Dr. Keller pursued an education in immunology and hematology at the Mayo Clinic and the University of Rochester.

He soon became an assistant professor at the Mayo Graduate School of Medicine where he discovered innovative methods of cell identification. Through his consummate research, he became an integral part of the staff.

Moving to Milwaukee, he became employed by the Medical College of Wisconsin, working in several departments such as Pediatrics, Biophysics, Medical, and Health Science. Through his tenure in academics, he was awarded two million dollar research grants through the VA and NIH. He also served on boards for both of these organizations.

Ongoing Research and Development

Though Dr. Robert H Keller MD had achieved countless awards, published hundreds of papers and been given two patents, he was not satisfied with his work.

Although he had achieved some of the highest accomplishments, there was a burning desire within him that could not be quenched. Dr. Keller had a great desire to do all he could to make life easier for those who were suffering from catastrophic illness.

He knew their suffering was great, but he also felt he was on the verge of a discovery that could change lives forever.

Though he was a doctor, he soon realized writing prescription after prescription was not going to improve his patient’s lives. This revelation led to him to begin studying nutrition and how it had a profound effect on a person’s health.

Through his research, he discovered almost all of his patients had lowered levels of key antioxidants. Once he delved deeply into studying antioxidants, he discovered there was one key antioxidant that the body had to have for optimum health – Glutathione. Glutathione was found to be the most abundant antioxidant in the body, but many people were found to be lacking.

Through a long and exhaustive process, Dr. Robert H Keller MD set out on a journey to create a nutritional supplement formula that could increase the levels of Glutathione in the body.

With dozens of prototypes and trials, he finally found the right combination of ingredients to produce higher Glutathione levels.

Even though he felt the formula was perfect, he refused to offer it to his patients and the world until he was positive it would change lives. Little did he know what an impact this formula would have on the lives of people long after his death in 2009.

Work in Glutathione Research

Glutathione is a naturally-occurring antioxidant that is actually produced by the body. Though this molecule is produced in the body, the vast majority of people are lacking in Glutathione. Because of poor diet, toxins, pollution, stress, and trauma, the body simply cannot keep up with production.

Glutathione is often referred to as the mother of all antioxidants because it is not only the most important one but also works to improve the function of other key antioxidants in the body.

Day after day, Dr. Robert H Keller MD was seeing patients who had these conditions. He saw how their life quality was diminishing even though they were young in age.

Those who have not heard of Dr. Robert H Keller MD should research this great pioneer in Glutathione research.

Because of his research and first supplement formula, scientists were armed with the information they need so they could continue on the path of discovery of Dr. Keller. Through his research, Dr. Keller left behind a legacy that will continue to shine brightly for many years to come.

His work has allowed people to take control of their health instead of simply sitting back and trying to treat their symptoms with ineffective pharmaceuticals.

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