Dr Herbert Nagasawa received a B Sc Degree in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. He got his doctorate from Minnesota University.

Dr Herbert Nagasawa and Glutathione

Dr-Herbert-NagasawaDr Herbert Nagasawa received a B Sc Degree in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Ohio. He got his doctorate from Minnesota University.

Before he joined academic research of the Medical Center, VA, he spent two years in Minnesota University as a Post Doctoral Fellow. He was appointed an assistant Professor Medicinal Chemistry of the same University in 1959.

In 1961, he was named the Principal, and promoted to senior research scientist in 1976. This was reserved for the best professors and researchers in the VA. In 1961, he was promoted to the position of Associate Professor and made a professor of medicinal chemistry in the year 1973.

The renowned medicinal chemist held joint professorship in the pharmacology department as well as the university wide Division of Toxicology. He equally served as the visiting professor, visiting Washington State University in 1990.

The renowned profession was in the prestigious international journal of medicinal chemistry for 32 years, where he held various editorial positions. He was the senior editor from 1972 to the year 2004. He was the acting editor in chief of the professional academic journal. Moreover, he was the ad hoc grant reviewer of the bioconjugate chemistry. He held this important position for eight years.

There was no doubt that Dr Nagasawa was a great researcher, who contributed immensely to the growth of medicinal chemistry and human health. He has published well over 165 papers in different peer reviewed journals across this country.

He was one of the ten topmost PCT patent applicants in this country, and one of the most notable US inventors. One of his greatest contributions to the development of health science is in the area of glutathione.

The renowned professor shared a lot in the development of glutathione. He believed that glutathione plays an important role in the survival of any individual. Human body according to him would rely on it to function, as the absence of it could be devastating.

He was one of the researchers on glutathione and he believed that it fights against free radicals; these are the toxics in the human body that damage human cells. Glutathione also has roles in protein synthesis. He believes also that it contributes to amino acid transportation.

His research with others led him to conclude that glutathione has important roles in ATP production, as well as helps in fighting enzyme activation. In addition, glutathione contributes greatly in the immune system enhancement as well as in the cellular detoxification process.

Human cells are often the target of free radicals attack. Free radicals are dangerous to human existence. This has serious repercussions to the human health such that it can cause human cells to function at a very poor level.

Medical researchers pioneered by him and other notable researchers discovered that glutathione is the most essential thing to the human life as it serves important purposes, which include blood boosting, antioxidant, as well as cell detoxifier.

Glutathione is so important in human beings that it encompasses the whole spectrum of the human organism. This was one of the views of the great researcher on why he believed in the promotion of glutathione.

He said that anytime you talk about glutathione, you have to look into all the areas it contributes to human health.

Antioxidants properties of glutathione are not more important than its usefulness in transporting amino acids to different parts of the body where they are needed. He said that the amino acids, which he also called the protein synthesis, are very important.

Dr Herbert
also reiterated the findings of previous research that glutathione is very useful in the boosting and maintaining of the human immune level. He also observed that glutathione is very important as a protective agent.

Thus, it fights free radicals, which you obtain because of your interaction with the environment. The great researcher identified those organs of the body that have the highest concentration of glutathione which include the skin, the kidney, the liver, the lung, as well as the ears.

He said these organs share the highest level for the simple reason that they are the part of the body that is often exposed to the vagaries of the environment where free radicals take control. As result, these organs require glutathione to enable them to battle these toxins.

He said that his work on glutathione has led him to identify the fact that its deficiencies in the body can be remedied through natural methods. He said that he was able to discover that a particular molecule can replenish it.

He believed that as technology evolves that it can actually help to transfer it within his lifetime. He believed that further research can be done to accelerate that, and that could be facilitated by commercial efforts. Dr Nagasawa, along with Dr. Robert H Keller MD, believed that is available in the human cells such as the bile, as well as the epithelial lining fluid that is available in the human lungs. The smaller concentration of it is available in the blood cell.

Like other professionals that have worked on Glutathione, he canvassed the view that human life depends on it, but regretted that many people including medical workers do not know about this.

Without it, human cells would simply disintegrate and the existence of life would become difficult. This is because there would be unrestrained oxidation. The human body would experience little or no resistance at all to the devastating metabolic acids.

The first casualty would be the liver, which would be negatively affected because of over accumulation of these toxic substances.

It is the efforts of Dr Nagasawa and other great researchers that the academic community and the world knew the effect of glutathione in general. It is also to the credit of this medical expert that some household and other people are becoming aware of this medical condition, also known as non-nutritive substance.

As research on glutathione continues, the world would continue to refer to the work of Dr Nagasawa. He is one of the greatest medicinal chemists of his time.

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