Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?

It seems like people are living busier lives now than they have ever than in the past. Without a doubt, this can make you feel stressed out and even exhausted. Chances are, you have a lot more on your to do list than you actually have time for.

This often forces people into situations where they are getting less and less sleep and they are working harder and harder, all in some vain attempt to keep up with or stay ahead of their schedules. This makes you feel tired and sometimes, you feel so tired that you think you literally cannot keep up.

Chronic Fatigue SyndromeThe question is, how do you know if you are just exhausted because you are pushing too hard or if you have something more serious? Sometimes, you are exhausted because you are simply not getting enough sleep and you are trying to do too many things throughout the course of a single day.

At other times, your exhaustion could be the result of a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

The thing that makes this condition so difficult to diagnoses is that there is no blood test that you can take that definitively says that you have it. In fact, there is no single test that you can take at all that will tell you whether or not you have this disease.

Instead, it involves a series of symptoms and additional tests to rule out other diseases. As a result, diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome is often a lengthy process and it can be challenging, both physically and emotionally.

Until just a few short years ago, many physicians did not even recognize this as a real disease. Instead, they opted to believe that people who suffered from it were merely suffering from some psychological disorder.

As a result, they would often tell them to take up a new hobby or go on vacation instead of finding a way to treat the disease. Symptoms vary widely, but they typically include crushing fatigue as well as chills, body aches and pains and a feeling of generalized illness.

The type of fatigue that is felt when a person has chronic fatigue syndrome is so severe that they often feel as though they literally cannot put one foot in front of the other to walk across the room. Doing everyday tasks suddenly becomes almost impossible, often to the point that they are no longer able to work, maintain their homes or live an active life with their loved ones.

How is it diagnosed?

As previously mentioned, there are no definitive tests for this disease. It usually requires several months of testing for other diseases so that they can be ruled out. When a person routinely presents with the same symptoms over and over again and no other cause can be found, it is often ruled chronic fatigue syndrome.

As some point in the future, it may be possible to diagnose this disease more easily but until that time, anyone that is suffering from it is likely to be subjected to a barrage of medical tests, not to mention being required to go from doctor to doctor in an attempt to get their condition diagnosed and get effective treatment.

What are the symptoms?

The biggest symptom by far is fatigue that does not go away. This is much more severe than the fatigue you feel when you have not had enough sleep the night before. It makes you feel as though you are physically incapable of standing up, not to mention doing everything that you used to do without any problem whatsoever.

The closest thing that comes to it is the fatigue that you often feel when you have a severe case of the flu with an extremely high fever. Your body feels so tired that simple things like taking a shower or fixing a meal become almost impossible.

Furthermore, no amount of sleep relieves the crushing fatigue. Even if you stay in bed for days, you do not feel any better. In addition to these symptoms, you often find it difficult to regulate your body temperature, becoming extremely cold when you are in a controlled environment and everyone else is comfortable.

Your joints and muscles may ache. You might also begin to experience other problems such as digestive issues, sensitive skin and even irritability.

Potential Treatments

No one is really sure how long chronic fatigue syndrome actually lasts. It seems to depend on the individual in question. Some people suffer from it for several weeks while others are still suffering from the symptoms more than a year after they were initially struck by them.

In some cases, patients respond well to medical treatment, but that is not always the case. In fact, medical treatment usually involves rest and eating a healthy diet.

Therefore, it is often necessary to supplement treatment from medical professionals with additional treatments in order to provide yourself with the best chances of overcoming the disease.

It is believed that inflammation either causes chronic fatigue syndrome or causes it to flair up when it otherwise would have remained dormant. The best part is that there are no known side effects associated with taking the supplement, so the risks are very low or nonexistent.

Reducing the inflammation can reduce the symptoms associated with chronic fatigue syndrome and in many cases, it gives you an opportunity to get your life back on track.

The very idea of dealing with crushing fatigue on a daily basis is scary. No one wants to think about the possibility of having something blindside them that makes it impossible for them to do many of the things that are so important to them.

The fact that the disease is difficult to diagnose and treat makes it even more frightening. Learning to treat diseases such as this naturally is one of the most effective ways of handling the situation, and it also provides you with the peace of mind that you need if you think that you might actually have chronic fatigue syndrome.