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In order to live a long and healthy life, you need an advanced immune defense to make sure that your immune system is at its best at all times. The sole purpose of the immune system in your body is to protect and defend you against infections that are caused by bacteria, viruses, microbes, toxins and parasites, which are ready to invade at the slightest weakness.

Without your immune system, you’re in trouble, to put it lightly. Were you aware that poor eating habits can weaken your immune system? A poor diet is an extremely efficient way to weaken the immune system.

If your diet consists of many processed foods, refined sugars, alcohol, chemical additives and preservatives for a long period of time, the habit will reduce the ability of your white blood cells, which can help you fight infections. Continued intake of these chemicals also deprives the body of nutrients that increase immunity.

Dr. Rob Keller Introduces an Innovative Supplement

The good news is that there are a numerous amount of supplements on the market that are able to give your immune system a boost so that you are never bombarded by these issues, but there’s one product, in particular, that ever since it was introduced to the public, has been very popular due to its ingredients and guarantee: Advanced Immune Defense by Dr. Rob Keller.

One of the things that set this multi-vitamin, phyto-nutrient and multi-mineral supplement apart from the rest is four important ingredients that are difficult to find in other products that are geared toward boosting the immune system: coenzyme Q-10, resveratrol, betaine and ginseng. They provide optimum antioxidant and nutritional support for your immune system and cells.

It’s difficult to attain the optimum amount of minerals and vitamins from the liquids and foods that one opts to consume on a daily basis. Certain forms of food preparation and pesticide residue can further inhibit one’s body’s ability to attain the nutrients that are necessary in order to attain the optimum health from an otherwise healthy diet.

You should supplement your balanced diet with a product like this, as it is able to fortify your immune system and thus help you live healthy, which should be the priority of any human. Another thing that sets this product apart from others is that it was formulated by a doctor – Dr. Robert H Keller MD, a doctor who has become well-known for going the extra mile in every supplements he presents to the public.

How the Immune System is Negatively Affected

Unfortunately, the treatment of some serious diseases may have an adverse effect on the immune system. The body reacts inappropriately to what it considers a foreign object in the body after a blood transfusion or an organ, resulting in an immune response. Drug therapy, such as chemotherapy, also weakens the immune system and makes patients vulnerable to infections.

Thankfully, Advanced Immune Defense by Dr. Rob Keller can be of great help. A strong immune system does wonders for the well being and is the gateway to a healthy life. A low white blood cell count enables the body to be vulnerable to attacks. Many wonder why they are so susceptible to colds or other illnesses, unaware that their immune system might have something to do with it.

Immune System Facts

The lymphatic organs are found throughout the body. They shelter small white blood cells (lymphocytes) that protect the body from disease. Lymphocytes and phagocytes (the cells that protect the body against foreign particles and bacteria) constitute the immune system. All cells of the immune system work together to function effectively. When not working in this way, a weak immune system develops.

Eating too much sugar can cause the immune system to lose 40 percent in its ability to destroy germs. Sugar suppresses the immune system and begins to affect the body minutes after consumption and can last up to 5 hours. Effective against viruses and bacteria, white blood cells require a large supply of vitamin C. The excess sugar in the body erodes anyvitamin C present and destroys the structure of immune cells.

Advanced Immune Defense by Dr. Rob Keller has a meaningful amount of vitamin C, as well as more than a handful of other vitamins, including A, D, E, B-1, B-2, B-3, and B-6.

When the immune system works poorly or absent, you can develop a primary immunodeficiency. This is caused by a defect in the innate immune system cells (primary immunodeficiency) or an extrinsic environmental agent (secondary immunodeficiency).

For example, AIDS is caused by an extrinsic force (HIV); therefore, it is a secondary immunodeficiency. Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and lupus affect the tissue that connects the body tissue with the organs, triggering a collapse of the immune system.

The Immune System and Alcohol

Excessive alcohol deprives the body of valuable nutrients and causes a nutritional deficiency. Alcohol prevents white blood cells from multiplying and prevents macrophages (cells that ingest foreign particles) generate tumor necrosis factors (proteins).

This lack of immune cells results in a weakened immune system. The damage caused by alcohol to the immune system depends on how much alcohol a person consumes. If you tend to intake alcohol every now and then, this supplement can be beneficial.

Glutathione Bottles


How do you live your life? A healthy lifestyle ensures that you can live a healthy life and have an immune defense system that can help you protect yourself from different diseases.

You’re either too busy making a living or just not making enough for a healthy living. No matter which category you fit in, it is vitally important to feed the body with sufficient nutrients to meet its needs.

Unfortunately, that nearby fast food restaurant might not be able to offer you the nutrients your body needs. And nor will the breakfast you have help you in getting al the nutrients that you need in your body.

If you are into smoking, remember that your immune system can be severely affected. Sleep deprivation and stress can have an effect on the body’s immune system as well. So, what can help you to develop an advanced immune system that can keep you healthy?

Understanding the daily diet of most individuals

 The ordinary diet being consumed by an average common man is simply not equipped with sufficient nutrients to cope with the growing demands of a strenuous life.  Over time, this leads to a weakening of the immune system that makes our bodies susceptible to various diseases, illnesses, disorders, and ailments. In addition to a nutritionally lacking diet, toxic residue such as pesticides in the diet also contributes to a weaker immune system.

With an improved immune system, a person can live a happier and healthier life that is free of recurring illnesses.

For bodybuilding enthusiasts, it is especially important that in addition to their micro and macronutrient requirement, they supplement their diet with the right kind of multivitamins and minerals.

The Advanced Immune Defense multivitamin and mineral supplement is a perfect way to plug the nutritional deficiencies in your diet.  Below is an in-depth review of this supplement.

What is Advanced Immune Defense System?

Advanced Immune Defense is a high potency multivitamin that acts as a supplement to your diet and provides to the body those essential vitamins which your regular diet smply fails to provide to you.

A creation of Dr. Keller (one of the top-rated physicians of America in the field of internal medicine, immunology, and hematology), this multi-vitamin supplement, is created from bio-available ingredients as opposed to synthetic or non-bio available ingredients.

A lot of the supplements on the market are created out of artificial ingredients that are not suited for intake and digestion by the body. This in turn does more harm than good.

Advance Immune Defense, however, is designed to be easily digestible and broken-down by your body so that it can directly strengthen your immune system and make you healthier.

Advanced Immune Defense Ingredients & Quality

 Vitamins and minerals, which are contained in abundance in the Advanced Immune Defense Supplement, are vital to the body. They help the body ward off diseases that may range from mild to acute ones. This supplement contains roughly 20 minerals which the body needs but is unable to gain from an ordinary diet.

Some of the key ingredients of this substance that make it one of the most effective supplements are Coenzyme Q-10 which is essential for the creation of energy by the cells in the body.

It also contains Resveratrol, which is an anti-oxidant and is mainly obtained from products such as grapes, red wine, and other similar foods. It also contains betaine and ginseng that are important for the heart and liver and also promote digestion of food in the body.

It also has vitamin A, B, C, calcium, zinc and copper among many other important minerals and vitamins.

Advance Immune Defense Vs. Its Competitors

Advanced Immune Defense has gained a market-wide reputation as one of the most effective health products in keeping the body safely. Dr. Keller has left no stones unturned to ensure that each and every user of the supplement gains health.

More, there is a 100% money return guarantee in case the user is dissatisfied. Various testimonials exist on the usage of the supplement, and almost all of them appear to favor the Advance Immune Defense Supplement, thus leaving no doubt that it has won the hearts of the health-conscious persons.

While many supplements exist in the market that claim to have the potential to improve your immune system, what separates Advanced Immune Defense from the rest of the products is the fact that it is the most body-friendly supplement that you can use to improve your immune system.

Further, the price it comes at is extremely affordable and beats almost all of its competitors.

Given the vast number of benefits that arise out of using the Advanced Immune Defense Supplement, one might wonder if it would be unaffordable, just like a lot of the other medical and strength supplements.

However, this supplement comes at an extremely affordable price of $29.95 in the case of one-time order and $19.95 for a monthly subscription, making it one of the most affordable health supplements in the market at present.

Have you been falling sick constantly despite a decent diet and cannot figure out why? Or have you been bodybuilding for a long time without any results?  Or have you indulged in physical sports and cannot figure out the reason for not meeting your targets?

You can plug these gaps by using the Advanced Immune Defense multivitamin and mineral supplement. Over time, when this supplement is used in the right dosage and at the same times of the day (preferably), it starts to show its effects, and you start to feel healthier and internally stronger than before.

What is the Immune System?

The immune system of the human body is quite a complex system. Its main purpose is to keep any infectious microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and viruses out of the body. It also has the ability to destroy many microorganisms that do invade our body.

The immune system is made up of a vital network of organs and cells that will try to protect the body from infection. The organs that make up the immune system are called lymphoid organs. These organs affect the development, growth and release of lymphocytes, which is a certain type of white blood cell.

Lymphatic vessels and blood vessels are an important part of the lymphoid organs because they will carry the lymphocytes to and from different areas within the body. Each of these organs plays a vital role in the production and activation of lymphocytes. The lymphoid organs include:

Adenoids: The two glands that is located at the back of the nasal passage.
Bone Marrow: This is the soft and spongy tissue that is found in bone cavities.
Lymph Nodes: These small bean shaped organs are located throughout the body and connect to one another via the lymphatic vessels.
Lymphatic Vessels: These are a network of channels throughout the body which carries the lymphocytes to the lymphoid organs and bloodstream.
Peyer’s Patches: This is the lymphoid tissue located in the small intestine.
Spleen: The spleen is a fist-sized organ located in the abdominal cavity.
Thymus: These are two lobes that join into the front of the trachea and behind the breastbone.
Tonsils: Most people have these removed, but they are tow oval masses in the back of the throat.
With all this talk about lymphocytes, one may be thinking what they are and what the purpose of them is. A lymphocyte is a type of infection fighting white blood cell that is vital to an effective immune system. Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow and certain cells will become part of the group while others will become part of another group called phagocytes. When lymphocytes are initially formed, some will continue to mature into bone marrow and become “B” cells. Other lymphocytes will grow and mature into thymus or “T” cells. Both “B” and “T” cells are the major groups of lymphocytes and attack the microorganisms. Some lymphocytes will mature and housed in the lymphoid organs while others travel the body the lymphatic vessels within the blood stream.

There are some disorders of the immune system and when it does not function properly, a variety of diseases can occur. Hypersensitivity to some substances or allergies is considered immune system disorders. The immune system will also play a role in rejecting the process of transplanted organs or tissue. Some other examples of immune system disorders include:

– Autoimmune diseases like juvenile diabetes, anemia and rheumatoid arthritis.
– Immunodeficiency diseases like those acquired like immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) and severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID).

There are many types of infectious diseases that can affect your immune system and an infectious disease can be caused by one or more of the following ways; viruses, parasites, bacteria, or fungi. Infectious diseases can range from common illnesses like a cold to deadly illnesses such as aids.

There are also many ways a disease-causing organism or infection can spread in some or all of the following ways.

Sexual transmission: This occurs through sexual contact including intercourse.
Airborne Transmission: This occurs through inhaling airborne droplets of a disease that may be present in the air. It could be from a cough or sneeze in an infected person.
Blood-Borne Transmission: This comes from contact with touching infected blood, this can occur when sharing hypodermic needles.
Direct Contact Transmission: Occurs from a direct body surface to body contact with an infected person.
Insect borne transmission: Insects such as mosquitos can draw blood from an infected person and then bite a healthy person and spread the virus that way.
Food borne transmission: This occurs from eating contaminated food.
Water borne transmission: Much like food borne transmission, this come from contact or consuming contaminated water.

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