Why do I need Glutathione?

You have probably never heard about Glutathione. Ever wondered what prevents you from aging and why other people age faster than others? How about why your body fights diseases so relentlessly?

Well, glutathione is the chemical behind all this. It has many other functions apart from preventing ageing and fighting diseases. Here is a look at this multi-functioning element.

About glutathione

GSH (the acronym for glutathione) is one of the most important molecules produced by the body.it is also produced in plants to help them with detoxification, homeostasis among other processes. We will however center this discussion on the role and importance of GSH in human beings.

It is produced in the liver. It is a peptide made of three basic amino acids. It is found in every cell in the body. GSH reacts with many chemicals in the body such as free radicals and halides to form harmless products which are eventually excreted.

A deficiency of this molecule can prove to be life threatening for the human being as its importance can’t be underestimated.

Glutathione Deficiency

It is important to understand that low levels of glutathione in the body can increase the chances of many different types of diseases. The diseases will thrive on the fact that you have an large amount of free radicals in your body.

Glutathione is known as the “Master Antioxidant” and neutralizes these free radicals. Ensuring that your are not glutathione deficient can help you stay healthy for a longer time.

Benefits of using glutathione

Buffers the immune system.

Glutathione is an essential thing in the immune system. Its immunity level of the body depends on the level of GSH. When one is gets an infection, GSH is rapidly produced by the body to help counter the disease.

It can help fight a disease before it takes root in to the body system making it a reliable preventive and treatment molecule for the body.
Reduces ageing rate

Ageing may be inevitable by feeling old is preventable. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant. Oxidants cause ageing. They destruct cells and bring down the body giving one the feeling of being old and unhealthy.

GSH helps fight and reduce these oxidants in the body leaving one feeling younger than ever. You can get a GSH solution from your doctor if you feel like you have less of it.

Prevents inflammation

Inflammation is considered the leading cause of diseases in the world. The normal immune system can handle inflammation, but when it persists, it accumulates to deadly levels that can leave one with chronic illnesses. A low level of GSH is associated with constant inflammation.

Chelates heavy metal

Too much metal in the body can accumulate to unhealthy toxic levels. Metals are inevitable as they are found in numerous amounts of foods and are actually needed by the body e.g. calcium is needed to strengthen bones.

Glutathione helps to transport and excrete excess unneeded metals such as mercury from the body minimizing exposure toxic levels. This ensures you remain healthy from dangers of metal toxins.

It is an anti-oxidant

Glutathione is known as the master antioxidant as its benefits are immeasurable. It cleans up toxins, keeps metal levels in check and frees radicals all at once in each cell of the body.

The good thing about GSH is it doesn’t deplete and rather it recycles itself after it has been used. What people may find difficult to understand is the fact that a low GSH level in the body is an indication of a good immune system.

Keeps your skin healthy

As a method of preventing ageing, GSH helps keep the skin healthy and make it look younger, even preventing wrinkles form appearing early. A high amount of GSH is found on the skin as the skin is the first organ to defend the body against diseases hence needs multiple antioxidants.

The skin also gets affected when one gets sick making him/her look pale or darker. Some people use glutathione to lighten the skin as it has a tendency to reduce melanin production causing the skin to appear whiter.

This method hasn’t been proves efficient yet though some doctors say it is 100% okay.

Diseases glutathione can help prevent

Cancer – This is probably one of the most dangerous illnesses that glutathione helps fight. It fights the hyper-active cells keeping one free of this disease.
Heart disease- the molecule can fight various heart diseases and can even prevent a person from getting a stroke.
Liver disease – as much as the liver produces this molecule, their relationship is symbiotic as it also helps prevent liver diseases such as cirrhosis.
Acetaminophen toxicity –the precursor form of GSH has been administered to people with too much toxins in their body. Acetaminophen is what hinders GSH production hence administration of GSH helps counter this.

Other diseases include dementia, chronic fatigue syndrome and even diabetes. Scientists think that it has the potential to cure ALS. It is also thought that can helps fight against HIV/AIDS. Marvelous right!!

About the glutathione supplement

As we age, the body produces less and less amounts of GSH hence the need to supplement the important molecule. Supplements for glutathione do exist in form of tablets or even injections.

Liposomal Glutathione is the newest tablet form of the supplement. It used to be thought that supplementing GSH orally wouldn’t work but in fact it does. The supplement N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine also helps to boost the body’s natural production of GSH. GSH supplement injections aren’t common and are given by very few doctors.

You can also boost your glutathione levels by:

    • Taking food rich in sulfur such as onions and vegetables.
    • Drinking non-pasteurized milk and other unprocessed food rich in protein. The proteins in these foods haven’t been destroyed yet and are an essential building block that helps create GSH.
    • Beef liver also helps to naturally supplement GSH.
    • Exercising. This is well known to everyone. Exercising helps release toxic wastes, fats and boost the immune system. Having aerobic and strength exercises goes a long way in building one’s body well.

The importance of this molecule in the body is significant. It has been fully studied and confirmed to optimize the body’s immune system. Who wouldn’t want to remain looking young forever and stay healthy for as long as they can.

Then get out there eat your vegetables well, work your body out, stay clear of processed food and most of all, stay informed about this and tell your friends about it.