Glutathione and Cancer

It is estimated that close to 14 million individuals are suffering from cancer throughout the United States. Studies show that about 39.6% of women and men will be diagnosed with this disease at some point in their lives. This definitely can be a bit scary, as of yet, treatment doesn’t guarantee that one will be free of this health matter. Although, it has been noted that those individuals who find the disease at an early time are able to beat it, as it is small and has not taken over the body, and thus, doctors are able to destroy it for good.

The Traditional Option of beating Cancer

Chemotherapy has become the go-to option because it is the top recommended option that doctors around the globe suggest, but the outcomes of it are sometimes more negative than anything else. One of the negative outcomes is that the hair begins to fall out because radiation is involved. The purpose of chemotherapy is to shrink the tumor or tumors present, but this doesn’t mean that they are going to shrink and the matter will be resolved. Of course, this would be ideal, but most of the time, especially when the cancer stage is an advanced one, tumors grow back accompanied by other tumors that begin to affect other areas of the body. The positive outcomes that might evolve from choosing chemotherapy are the complete shrinking and thus disappearance of the cancer present. This positive outcome often occurs, but if it comes back, it has been noted that it comes back stronger than ever before.

Numerous of Patients Are Opting for Different Solutions 

Due to all the negative things that surround chemotherapy, there are numerous of cancer victims who have opted for other solutions. Since doctors do not really recommend anything that is not present in the medical field, a lot of cancer victims opt to conduct their own research. Many cancer victims have opted for alternative treatments, which range from food to trying different substances and supplements that are on the market. Although doctors don’t recommend for one to take the alternative route, for a lot of people, it has worked tremendously, as they are now cancer free. It has been mentioned in different books that God provides the cure for any disease, but we have to be the ones that should go out there and explore in order to find it.

Glutathione as a possible treatment

"The Role of Glutathione in Cancer" – PUBMED

One possible cancer treatment that has been causing a lot of buzz lately has been that of glutathione. For those of you who are not aware of what this is, it is a very small molecule that is produced by body. It is found in every cell that one has. Since it is within the cell, it has been considered to be the most important antioxidant that is produced by body. When it comes to antioxidants, the most well-known to the public have to be vitamin C and vitamin E, as they are highly promoted. They can be found in numerous supplements that are currently up for grabs on the market. These are important to promote good health. They are able to neutralize free radicals, which can build up in one’s cell and make damage arise. The prime position of glutathione is to neutralize free radicals. Since it can be found in every type of cells, it also has other potential health benefits, including the cells of the immune system. These cells’ job are to fight off any disease present; this includes cancer.

Glutathione Is Crucial for the Health 

glutathione and cancerIt has been reported by individuals in the medical field who are treating patients who have serious disease, that they have noticed that those individuals who suffer from AIDS, cancer, or other serious disease, tend to be depleted in glutathione. The reason to this is currently not understood in the medical field. For maintaining intracellular health, without a doubt, glutathione is crucial.

Glutathione happens naturally in a lot of foods; therefore, those people who eat a well-balanced diet more than likely have enough of it. Diets that consist of freshly prepared meats and fresh vegetables and fruits are more than likely doing just fine, but this cannot be said for those individuals who do not intake these foods on a daily basis or tend to get very little of them.

How to Take Glutathione 

Glutathione is a very power antioxidant that keeps cells running very smoothly. It promotes the liver to get rid of chemicals that do not belong in the body, like pollutants and drugs. When taken by mouth, it has been reported that glutathione is not well absorbed in the body; therefore, it is recommended to take glutathione by vein. There is a more practical solution to taking this antioxidant and that is to intake glutathione precursors, which are the molecules the body requires in order to create glutathione.

There are many products on the market that one can choose in order to attain precursors; one of those products is the glutathione-enhancing product by the name of the Original Glutathione Formula. This product consists of glutathione precursors which assist the body in producing it's own glutathione.

Glutathione Is Backed up by More than a Handful of Studies 

Over the last couple of years, laboratory and animal studies that have been conducted around the globe show that glutathione has the potential to assist in fighting almost any disease present in the body, from aging to cancer. It is definitely worth the try, as there are a lot of studies that back up its potential. As always please seek professional medical advice for more information.