Diabetes and Glutathione

Type II Diabetes and Obesity are running rampant in our country. Otis said that it has reached epidemic proportions and perhaps 1 in 3 are at risk or already are exhibiting the symptoms of the disease. You only have to walk through your local Supermarket to see the many people that are extremely overweight.

What is happening with America? Why are we the richest country on earth but are becoming the sickest as well? Many point fingers at our diets, lifestyle and our Fast food culture. Whatever the cause, we have seen the results as heart attacks are the number one killer and cancers of all kinds plague us. Recently, a study was done that showed that over 90% of these cancers are not random events or heredity, but the effect of our diets and lifestyle.

This is an eye-opener to say the least. But it doesn't bring us to any solution to the problems, as doctors seem helpless. They only offer us pills to treat the symptoms and give us some resemblance of normalcy in life.

It is best to educate ourselves first which this article will do for you. Second, we will show you something that will allow you to assist with the effects of Diabetes and put your life back on an even keel while you can become drug-free and manage your own health. You can once more live your life as it was meant to be lived and not in the shadow of your doctor or "Big Pharma".

What is Diabetes?

diabetesOur world of the 21st century has a glut of sugar in the food we eat and the soda pop we consume instead of water, juices, and even tea and coffee are often overloaded with sugar. Sports drinks have become popular as they are basically nothing more than water with an overabundance of caffeine for energy and sugar to make the mix palatable.

The exact amount of each are in excess of common sense and the labels it has been reported do not accurately report the exact quantities used as yet they are still largely unregulated.

With all this sugar entering your system from your food and drink your pancreas releases insulin, which is the way your body, deals with the sugar and after a time your body has released enough insulin that in order to make use of sugar you have to take in sugar in greater and greater quantities. This is due to your body becoming “Insulin resistant.” At some point however you body can't handle the load and your pancreas fails and then you are at the mercy of doctors and their pills and injections to regulate the sugar in your body and this, in a nutshell, mirrors the development of Type II diabetes in America's population today.

Are these the only causes of Diabetes?

Some have a genetic disorder and are born unable to regulate their blood sugar and this is why is the primary reason Insulin injections came about in the first place. Since the 1950s, the rate of obesity and the number of diabetics (as they are called) has risen to over 214% between 1950 and 2000. In 1990, Type II diabetes was noted as happening in the young as the first cases were diagnosed in New York. This has since led to the epidemic rise of these two conditions, which are linked by the over abundance of sugary food and too little exercise to rid the system of the overload of sugars that flood our bodies. Sugar has been proved to be as addictive as cocaine and it is virtually in every product you consume today.

Even when it isn't mentioned on the label, sugar is used in the processing of many of the foods you routinely eat on a daily basis at restaurants and in fast foods joints.

Some doctors have gone on record as saying sugar is up to 8 times more addictive as cocaine, which raises the bar even higher to overcome our reliance of this left-handed molecule that has enslaved us.

This means in just a few short years 1 in 3 of us will have diabetes by 2050. Already 1 out of 3 children are already exhibiting the precursors for diabetes that were born in the year 2000.

Soon 30% or more of Americans will come down with diabetes and obesity and the world is following suit. The Chinese once touted as one of the healthiest people on earth because of their diets have been hit hard by diabetes as the western fast food and cheap sugar floods their country much as opium did during the time of the opium wars in the mid 19th century.

Is there a way out for you and you children or are you doomed to take a pill or injection for the rest of your life?

Is there a cure for diabetes?

Recently a study was done in universities in California to address this very question and the answer is yes. By adopting dietary change and increasing the amount of exercise in your lifestyle, you can, not only reverse the effects of Type II Diabetes. But, you can also rid yourself from the disease permanently.

However, making these changes are sometimes traumatic as it goes against what you have been doing and most of what you need to eat is almost as hard to get as store shelves are stocked with sugar laced products and the unprocessed food.

By increasing your natural vegetable intake, you get a helping hand by the antioxidant glutathione, which help modulate your free radical levels and this is an aid in reversing and alleviating diabetes.

How can glutathione assist Diabetes?

ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) are molecules that are increased as a result of diabetes and that are sometimes also lumped in with other free radicals, causing damage to cells, nerves, and your cardiovascular system. Cumulatively, this is known as oxidative stress. This causes damage to the lining of arteries and nerve transfer speeds.

Glutathione has been shown to be an active agent in the reversal of the damages caused by diabetes and aids in the correction of nerve damage and capillary vasodilatation and allows for normal processing of essential fatty acids. By increasing your intake of sulfur bearing vegetables such as garlic, which has significant amounts of sulfur used in the creation of the antioxidant Glutathione you can help repair the damages that Diabetes causes. You also help the liver in detoxing the blood.


So, with just a simple modification to your diet that supports the obtaining of glutathione you can offset the ravages of Diabetes and help your liver function properly. Diabetes and obesity can be defeated. But only if you take charge of your health and return to a more natural way of eating.