Benefits of Glutathione

Glutathione is a naturally-occurring molecule that is produced by the human body and is found in every one of the body’s cells. It boosts the immune system and acts as an antioxidant and detoxifier. Glutathione helps the body repair the damage done by the things it is exposed to on a daily basis such as pollution, poor diet, stress, infections, drugs, aging, burns, trauma and other types of damage and injury.

Glutathione is considered to be the human body’s most important and most effective antioxidant because it is found within every cell – literally trillions upon trillions of these amazing “super molecules” throughout the body, helping to fend off a plethora of negative effects from things that systematically destroy our bodies in one way or another. Are all of these claims too good to be true?

Apparently not. Glutathione is also found in foods such as onions, cauliflower, garlic, parsley, avocadoes, tomatoes, squash, watercress, the cruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cabbage, collard greens), and in bioactive whey protein. The benefits of these foods to the human body have long been known, and the fact that they are natural sources of glutathione is largely responsible for that. The antioxidant effect of Glutathione assists the liver with the removal of foreign chemicals from the body. It also keeps the cells and all their processes running smoothly. Multiple studies involving individuals with AIDS, cancer, and other extremely serious disease’s have almost invariably indicated that these individuals exhibit a significant depletion of glutathione in their bodies. This coincides with the benefits of glutathione represents when it comes to intracellular health.

Taking any type of supplement by mouth to increase the body’s level of glutathione is not recommended, as it is not absorbed effectively this way. A more effective method is to ingest the precursors, or the substances which the body uses to manufacture glutathione. The Original Glutathione Formula, developed by Dr. Robert Keller MD is one of these products. The Original Glutathione Formula is also the most cost affective glutathione supplement.

Glutathione diseasesLaboratory testing has shown that glutathione has the ability to fight nearly any disease. It has proven to be especially effective against diseases associated with the aging process. This is due to the fact that free radical damage is the cause of most of the diseases associated with old age. To date the most promising testing has been done on cancer patients. Women who were being treated with chemotherapy for ovarian cancer were tested simultaneously with glutathione. Those who received the glutathione experienced fewer and less severe side effects. They also had higher overall survival rates.

Experts recommend the following for optimizing glutathione levels in the body:
• Exercise: A minimum of 30 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise per day increases glutathione levels significantly Walking at a rapid pace, jogging, or participation in a sports activity are recommended activities, as well as strength training for 20 minutes 3 times a week for added benefits.
• Eat Sulfer-Rich Foods: Add garlic, onion, and parsley to your foods, and increase your consumption of cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, broccoli, collards, cauliflower, etc.
• Add Bioactive Whey Protein To Your Regimen: Ask your doctor about Immunocal, a prescription bioactive non-denatured whey protein supplement that is a good source of cysteine and other amino acids which are the building blocks essential to glutathione synthesis.
• Take over-the-counter glutathione building-block supplements such as N-acetyl-cysteine, Alpha lipoic acid, Methylation nutrients such as folate and vitamins B6 and B12, selenium, vitamins C and E, and milk thistle (silymarin). The Original Glutathione Formula can provide these.

The Benefits of Glutathione

The list of benefits of increased glutathione levels is impressive. Positive effects noticable within 30 days include: decreased fatigue, increased weight loss, lessened depression, lowered anxiety levels, improved effects of Alzhemier’s Disease, arthritis relief, fighting Periodontal Disease, lessened severity from many allergy symptoms, improvements in effects from many types of skin diseases, natural pain relief, improvement in glaucoma symptoms, and anti-inflammatory properties. Glutathione also has very powerful anti-viral effects. Healthy glutathione levels in the body ensure healthy levels in tissue and blood serum as well. This has been shown in studies to inhibit and eliminate the replication of nearly all pathogens. Conversely, lower than normal levels of glutathione in the body leave it much more susceptible to invasion and damage by pathogens and viruses.

Much of what glutathione does takes place “behind the scenes”, without our even realizing it. Rebuilding damaged cells, tissues, etc, in order to keep our bodies healthy and working in top form goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even while we sleep. In fact,especially while we sleep. And even though our bodies produce glutathione naturally, as we age the process does slow down. Therefore, it becomes especially important after the age of 40 that we give our bodies a helping hand by exercising and by supplying it with the foods that assist with glutathione production in our bodies.

At the present time there are no oral supplements that take the place of glutathione, and as previously mentioned it is a much better idea to provide the body with the natural components it uses to make glutathione naturally. That is, the precursors, that the Original Glutathione provides. If you suffer from any of the health conditions generally associated with aging, such as arthritis, glaucoma, etc, or more serious medical conditions at any age such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, etc, then it is even more imperative that you tweak your diet and exercise regimens to include the types of exercise routines and foods that amp up the body’s production of this powerful antioxidant.

There are not many all-natural substances these days that beneficial to our bodies in so many ways. Glutathione is the answer to so many of these issues. The research and study results are in, and all the news is good. No one can or will take care of our bodies the way we can ourselves, and seeing to our glutathione levels is a great starting point.

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